Medica 2016

If you aren’t keeping up with Veinplicity on Twitter or Facebook, you will have missed our updates from the world's leading trade fair for medicine and medical technology.

The team, including Yves Maag - Physeon’s Managing Director, were exhibiting Veinplicity at Medica 2016 from 14 – 17 November in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Yves comments:

“We were overwhelmed by the interest Veinplicity received at Medica. The Physeon team met lots of interesting people from all around the world; we heard many stories from individuals with hard-to-access veins about how Veinplicity could change the way they receive treatment; and we were inspired about new avenues for our product.”

Our innovative, venous access device was praised by many who experienced first-hand the marked, physiological change brought on by Veinplicity. One visitor in particular, Mo Dualeh commented from the booth:

"Wow, my veins are standing out! You can really feel them now, where you couldn't before".

Medica was an invigorating event, summed up nicely by this lively video: 250 in-depth conversations, 125 demos, distribution in the Benelux region and more.

To catch up with all the videos from our successful time at Medica, check out our YouTube channel.

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